Getting the Story

Posted by Shan Ting:

An account of the events or the scene at the shoot

As we stepped into Yeo Swee Huat, we were fascinated by the different kinds of joss papers that were hung around the shop. The surroundings intrigued us further as we became more eager to interview the shop owner, Mr Yeo Hung Teo to discover more stories from him.

Yeo Swee Huat is a joss paper shop where all kinds of paper paraphernalia, ranging from customized lantern to joss paper offerings which includes paper deities and funeral products, are made. Mr Yeo has been designing and painting traditional Chinese lanterns for about 50 years.

During the interview, we could see the strong passion of this 75-years-old craftsman through his smile and excitement as he shared his stories with us. Mr Yeo enthusiastically showed us photo albums and newspaper articles that documented him. While he welcomes anyone who is willing to learn, he knows that the younger generation has little interest in this trade. Despite a few interested people who came to learn, they could only master 30 percent of his skills.


Photo credit: Heritage TV – The Tale of a Traditional Lantern Painter (YouTube)

Mr Yeo’s devotion and perseverance in art is truly admirable.


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